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        Our Services - Stock Market Sure Shot Tips Calls

Premium Service:
(Trade Only That Time When You Are Sure)


First Earn Money.. Then Pay ( Sure Shot Profit Sharing )

- We are providing 100% Sure calls in Stock Future Positional Trading.

- We are providing 4 to 6 Sure Shot 
Stock Future Positional Calls in every MONTH.
Holding period two days to one month.

- You will earn Rs.10,000/- To Rs.35,000/- per lot.

- We will give you each and every instruction by personal calling on your phone.

- As per our terms and condition profit sharing ratio is (35:65), your share is 65% and our sharing ratio is 35% from Earned Profit only. 
Profit will count after cut brokerage. We count brokerage 3 paisa for buy and 3 paisa for sell.

Normally you will never get loss but in case, If any day you got loss then we will recover your loss.

- Profit share on per call basis. You have to deposit 35% profit on same day (when we advice to book profit) in our bank account.

- If you have Rs.1.5 Lakh then you can start working in with us.

- To avoid fake people and cheaters we take Rs.1500/- as a registration fees.


For More Detail Call Us-   ( 0-92760-92750 )  OR  ( 0-94-2991-2991 )


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